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Artist Jane Case Leeser began her love of jewelry as a small child playing in her mother's boxes of sparkling jewels. In high school, she began learning silver smithing and became even more intrigued with metal work. In the early 90s, the time was right to pursue more education in lapidary fields. After many classes, workshops and college hours, Jane earned her bench jeweler's degree.

The jCASEworks Jewelry Studio was completed, and in 2007, a showroom/shopping area was added to the building.

Jane Case Leeser teaches several sessions each year at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, Ga. The rest of her time is spent in the studio or on the ranch, loving every creative minute!

Location: 1101 County Road 315 • Taylor, MO 63471

Hours: Any time by appointment or Tuesday through Friday 2-5 p.m.

Always best to call first :-} NOTE: The studio will be closed June 11-26 while I'm teaching at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

Contact: Phone 573.248.7932, E-mail jcaseworks@yahoo.com

Studio & Showroom

About Jane Case Leeser

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